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Robert Genn Paintings in Canadian Galleries

Assiniboia Gallery
'Bugaboo Pattern with Tamaracks' available at Assiniboia Gallery -- Click to enlarge --
Bugaboo Pattern with Tamaracks
Acrylic on canvas - 11 x 14 inches
Robert's paintings at Assiniboia
Canada House Gallery
'Glacier Bay Pattern' available at Canada House Gallery -- Click to enlarge --
Glacier Bay Pattern
Acrylic on canvas - 30 x 34 inches
Robert's paintings at Canada House
Hambleton Galleries
'Afternoon Indian Point' available at Hambleton Galleries -- Click to enlarge --
Afternoon Indian Point
Acrylic on canvas - 30 x 34 inches
Robert's paintings at Hambleton

Mayberry Fine Art
'Rebirth' available at Mayberry Fine Art -- Click to enlarge --
Acrylic on canvas - 30 x 34 inches
Robert's paintings at Mayberry
Mountain Galleries
'Chinook Over O'Hara' available at Mountain Galleries -- Click to enlarge --
Chinook Over O'Hara
Acrylic on canvas - 36 x 40 inches
Robert's paintings at Mountain
White Rock Gallery
'Along the Campbell River' available at White Rock Gallery -- Click to enlarge --
Along the Campbell River
Acrylic on canvas - 30 x 34 inches
Robert's paintings at WhiteRock

About Robert Genn
Self-Portrait with Emily Carr
Self-Portrait with Emily Carr
Acrylic painting & limited edition print
24 x 30 inches

Robert Genn was born in Victoria, B.C. Canada in 1936. His formal training included the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia and the Art Center School in Los Angeles, California.

Recognized as one of Canada's most accomplished painters, his work is well known internationally. While his subjects are universal (he has painted in many countries), he excels in portraying Canada. He is perhaps best known for his work on the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains.

Robert's technique includes a tradition of strong design with patterns of color and form, with a pervasive sense of personal style. Grand themes are transposed onto small panels and larger canvases in a manner similar to members of the Group of Seven. Most of Robert's current work is in acrylic. He has also done considerable work in oils, watercolour, and silk screen printing. Connections to dealers who handle Robert Genn paintings and current prices can be viewed under the section.

Robert at work on Facing West, a large commission.
Robert at work on
Facing West
Robert painting at Lake of the Woods, Ontario
Robert en plein air at
Lake of the Woods
Finishing another large studio painting, Ramparts
Finishing Ramparts, another
large studio painting

Genn's autobiographical book In Praise of Painting provides an insight into the progress and trials of a Canadian painter. Other of Genn's publications include The Dreamway, The Painter's Keys, Love Letters to Art and The Twice-Weekly Letters: July 10, 1999 to Sept 25, 2009

To contact Robert Genn: phone: 604-538-9197 (Canada) or email:

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